Introducing : HOW THIS CAME TO BE.

Was stumbling around the web trying to construct a presentable platform on which to store whatever of my writing survives my severe self criticism.

Then I chanced upon - or they me - my current hosting provider.

At the time of our initial contact I had been travelling - no fixed abode was my permanent address as I went from one house-sitting assignment to another.

Also at that time, I was a member of a motorhoming group and thought some of this site could be used to mutual advantage. Then life changed - as it is wont to do.

Sitting silent for a long time, I next offered this site for local writers to use as a platform for their works. Seems I am the only one who would regard plagiarism as a compliment.

So, here we are - finally using this for my own and only my own purposes!

To what purpose?

Apart from enabling easy access to that which I have and will be writing, this site can also be used for SHOPPING.

Have yet to source much that I would personally recommend. By 'source', I mean that I have yet to establish myself as an affiliate associated with the sale of some products. That will be a page to watch as it is updated.

Isabel Storey

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